Heirs to the Lost World

The Xibalban Worm Shifter


Continued from The Glyph Pamphlet 2.

Richard (Eric), Judith (Shannon), Jennifer (Rachel) began to interrogate their attackers, when William Hilliard and some guards approached to find out what happened. Several witness reported that the PCs were attacked by several thugs and that the PCs just defended themselves. After healing up one of the attackers, the PCs learned that Isaiah Prophet hired the thugs to kill the PCs.

Hilliard and his guards bound the prisoners and began to take them away to the fort when a group of armed Maya arrived. These Maya were looking for Hilliard. They demanded Nathanial Saunders, who they claim had killed the daughter of the head of the Kaxolim noble house. The Mayan mob was angry and claimed there were several witnesses who saw him commit the murder. Hilliard and the PCs calmed them down with information the Saunders was locked up in the fort and would be put on trial. The PCs made arrangements with the Maya that one Mayan constable will be able to stay in the fort and watch Saunders.

Hilliard and his guards left with their prisoners to lock them up in the fort. A short while later, the PCs and the Mayan crowd see Saunders (who was supposed to be locked in the fort) yelling at the Mayan (in perfect Mayan) and making rude gestures, then running away. The Mayan thugs chased him into a tavern. Richard ran after the Maya and arrived as they were tearing the tavern apart looking for Saunders. Meanwhile Jennifer and Judith ran to Isaiah’s warehouse and saw a few men running away with any valuables that were light enough to carry. They left everything that was heavy.

In the tavern, Richard saw Philip Brady who helped Richard find Saunders in the back of the tavern (before the Mayan mob destroyed everything). Together the opened up a crate and saw a human-shaped creature dressed as Saunders, but instead of flesh, the creature was formed of writing earthworms. Philip, Richard, Han Tuinich (the leader of the Mayan group), and Judith were able to dispatch this creature.

In the aftermath, the PCs met with Brady and Tunich. They learned that the creature was a Xibalban Worm Shifter. Xibalbans have not been seen on the surface for hundreds of years. Brady explained that he was a member of a group called the Order of a New Dawn, who wants to keep the peace between the various heritage groups. Tunich revealed that he was a member of the Mayan witch hunting group the PCs had encountered before, the Icsutz.

Brady hired the PCs to help find the source of the racial tensions in Xicalango. The PCs waited to nightfall, then raided the Aztec building housing the printing press.