Heirs to the Lost World

The Glyph Pamphlet 2


continued from The Glyph Pamphlet.

The next day, Dundira (John), Jennifer (Rachel), and Richard (Eric) witnessed a Mayan pickpocket steal from some European toughs in the Feathered Frog. Richard noticed that the pickpocket had ink stains on his fingers. The pickpocket almost intentionally shook the pouch of coins he had stolen as he left the tavern inciting the Europeans, who chased after them. A couple blocks away, the pickpocket and some of his friends were beat up for their trouble.

Eric and Rachel asked their contacts about information on a printing press. They discovered that a printing press had been stolen, apparently by an Aztec.

Later that day, they heard rumors of an auction of interesting items, which appealed to Jennifer. They also heard rumors that Nathaniel Saunders had killed a Mayan princess (daughter of the leader of China Kaxolim).

Investigating the Aztec neighborhoods at night, the PCs were able to track down the location of the printing press. They noted its location, then went home.

On the way to the auction the next day, they learned that it is being held by Isaiah Prophet, who had been released from the Mayan constables. He is rumored to be holding the auction, then to be leaving town. Just before they arrived at the auction, the PCs were attacked by several thugs. After an elaborate fight around a fountain (involving broken pots, flying watermelons, and a lucky bible), the PCs dispatched several thugs and captured a few as well.