Heirs to the Lost World

The Glyph Pamphlet


Judith and Dundira go back with Isaiah Prophet to his ship to get their reward for helping him. They get their friend Richard Crosby (Eric) to help. While there Isaiah offers them a job. Dundira secretly bargains with a wind spirit to curse Isaiah next time he sets out to sea. She then takes all the relics (their reward) and delivers them to Na Chan.

A few days later, Isaiah finds the heroes and tries to hire them to protect him. He says that his crew has been killed and he was given a pamphlet – a glyph showing him with his head being cut off. The heroes knock him out and bring him to Na Chan, claiming he is a criminal. The Mayan constables take him to investigate, and the heroes go to his ship.

On the ship, the heroes find his crew dead, and lots of the same pamphlet strewn all over the ship, clearly distributed after the crew were killed. The pamphlet was created with a European style printing press, but it is in Aztec/Mayan style glyphs – sort of a cartoon rather than text.