Heirs to the Lost World

The Dream Temple


While reloading, Jacques is attacked from behind by a feathered serpent shaman. Chiich starts to wade across the water toward the temple.

Jennifer draws her cutlass, runs over and swings at Muan Broken Sandal but misses. The serpent shaman casts a rain spell on Jacques.

Chicuacen flips into the well and splits out her legs to stop her fall. She sees a flashing cocoon in the bottom of the well with many hands moving over it. Muan stands up and turns to face Jennifer.

In the bottom of the well, a huge bolt of lighting shoots up from the cacoom shoots straight up. Chicuacen let’s her grip on the sides of the well slip, dodging her past the bolt. Jacques does a spin kick tripping the serpent shaman, knocking it into the cenote. The serpent shaman begins to swim toward the temple.

Isaac runs up behind Muan and runs her through with his cutlass, as Jennifer stabs at her from the front. Jennifer just misses but catches the broken mask on her sword. Chicuacen flips up and out of the well as she sees the cocoon open up revealing the lighting axe and a withered Mayan lord.

Muan breaks Isaac’s sword, freeing her. Jennifer slaps Muan with the flat of her blade and the remains of the mask, pushing her back onto Isaac’s sword resulting in a spray of dust as her body deteriorates. When Isaac pulls his broken blade out of Muan’s body, more dust flies out, fatiguing Isaac.

Jacques takes aim at the serpent shaman. Suddenly everyone “notices” that the cave is not really a cave, but a Mayan city, with the temple in the center of a courtyard. Isaac’s condition starts to worsen.

Chicuasen feels like she is in the Spiritworld. Jacques fires his musket blowing the serpent shaman’s head off. Chiich runs up the side of the temple.

Chicuacen runs uo the side of the temple too, and sees the legs of a serpent man, whom she attacks, knocking it into the well. As soon as this happens, everyone “notices” that we are back in the cave.

Chiich hands a jar of Isaac’s blood to Jul who flies over towards Jennifer and Isaac, yelling, “give Isaac his blood !” Jacques jumps down to the ledge.

Jennifer searches Swollen Basket for healing herbs.

Chicuacen sees a masked, rotting body starts to emerge from the well, wielding a stone axe. She swings her macuahuitl, screaming, “you must face the smoking mirror!”. She chopped off the Mayan lord’s, causing the axe to fall back down the well. Chiich runs up and tackles Mayan lord, knocking him back to the edge of he temple. Dust spirts out his arms, but Chiich slides down on the serpent shaman’s dead headless body. Jul flies over to Jennifer, dropping off the jar of Isaac’s blood. Jennifer makes a mixture of the healing herbs and Isaac’s own blood. She takes away Isaac’s rum bottle from him and tells him, “Drink this. Its better than rum. Its called a ‘Bloody Isaac’!” Isaac starts feel better already.

Chicuacan hears a whisper, “I will let you go if you leave now. Keep your bargin” Chicuacen flips over the well chopping off the Mayan Lord’s head. The Mayan Lord’s mantle turns into centipedes.

Chiich lights a torch and starts burning centipedes. Chicuacen says that we must leave the cave to fulfill the bargin.