Heirs to the Lost World

Murder in Xicalango 2


Continuation of Murder in Xicalango.

Judith (Shannon) and Dundira (John) receive a message from the witch-hunting secret society. They explain that they were dealing with Isaiah Prophet and his crew to get magic jade beads that are needed in dealing with the witch. They are embarrassed about this and want the PCs help. Since the PCs already agreed to guard Isaiah Prophet, they felt they could help easily.

During the exchange of the jade beads, the shapechanging witch releaved itself as a member of Isaiah’s crew. This sailor changed into a huge grizzly bear and attacked the PCs and the Mayan secret society members.

After a long fight, the Mayan Shaman was able to use the jade beads to end the shapechanger’s transformation. Appearing back as a human, he died of his many wounds.