Heirs to the Lost World

Murder in Xicalango


Walking down the street, the heroes Judith (Shannon), Jennifer (Rachel), Dundira (John), and Edward (Reed), suddenly came upon an old acquaintance, Benjamin Williams screaming for help and covered in blood. The heroes followed him to a warehouse filled with four human bodies that had been torn to shreds.

An investigation revealed that two of the bodies were Mayan, and two were smugglers from the crew of Captain Isaiah Prophet, a notorious and unpopular tomb robber. In addition, Edward found some small jade carvings, clearly Mayan and with a connection to the Spiritworld.

Dundira performed a dance ritual and entered the Spiritworld and saw an intense vision from the past. She saw the warehouse from the night before as a huge bear-like creature and many small clawed beasts torn the four men to shreds. After killing them, the small beasts transformed to mice and the large bear transformed to a man as he left the building. Dundira also identified the jaded carvings as a sort of spiritual fuel for certain types of spells.

Jennifer and Dundira went to see Na Chan, an important Mayan sun priest. In the conversation, the heroes learned that there have been some rumors of an okal-pixan (a Mayan witch) in Xicalango, but he had not heard of the murders. He promised to contact the heroes if he learned anything more. Jennifer and Dundira proceeded to speak to Taxa, a priestess of Ix-Chel. They convinced her to travel to the warehouse and investigate, along with the local constables. Taxa was able to identify the Mayans as members of a sort of witch-hunting organization in Xicalango.

Meanwhile, Judith and Edward went to the docks to speak to some contacts. They learned that Isaiah Prophet often deals with a local Englishman named Marcus. After a short visit, Judith and Edward learned that Isaiah has a secret warehouse/storage area east of town.

After the four heroes met up and exchanged information, they rowed out to Isaiah Prophet’s ship, God’s Whisper and sneaked on board. After knocking out a couple of guards, they confronted Isaiah and the point of a sword. He did not seem to know about the murders. He admitted that his two sailors were setting up an exchange with the Mayans that is due to occur tomorrow night. The heroes convinced Isaiah that he needed the PCs as guards in the sale. the PCs will protect him in exchange for Mayan artifacts from his hold.