Heirs to the Lost World

Here come the Spanish


While camping outside the mostly ruined Mayan town, Jennifer and Chicuacen hear the “alarm system” crunching. They rush to see that it is a bound and injured Aztec. Desperate for aid, he introduces himself as Itzquemitl, an artist from Xicalango. Chicuacen recognizes him and remembers rumors about his kidnapping from back when they were in Xicalango. The party wakes up and begins to aid him. He explains that he has been held captive and forced to create a raven mask for Muan Broken Sandal. She had to have one of sufficient quality to replace one that had been broken. After several attempts,Itzquemitl created one good enough. Since that time, his captors had not been paying much attention to him. Earlier in the evening, about 5 canoes of about a dozen Aztecs each arrived in the town, and he was able to escape in the confusion. He overheard that they were searching for an Axe of some sort.

Asking the local Mayans about this Axe, the party learns that an evil Caterpillar Lord used to live in the village hundreds of years ago. This lord had frequent dealings with the Xibalbans. After the Mayan revolution, the lord was sealed in an Underworld cave beneath the temple. The villagers knew this section of the Underworld did not connect to Xibalba, so the lord would not be able to be rescued by his former allies.

The party decides the best plan of action is to find this Axe before the Aztecs. They send the Mayan villagers off to other local towns, then start to head off to the temple. Before they were able to enter the temple, two Mayans return with news that Spaniards are coming, including horses and two cannon. The party gathers materials for torches and, at dawn, see the Spanish and Aztecs ready for battle. As battle starts the Aztecs send troops to flank the Spanish while the Spanish set up their cannon at the tree line. The party realizes that the temple is in a perfect location for either side to attack the other.

With torches the party travels down the stairway into the bowels of the temple. They see a sealed chamber, but the Holba K’an they have seems to have no effect on it. They notice a loose stone and work it completely out. Chiich puts his torch into the hole, and the torch immediately goes out.